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Ticket Rewards Launches New Brand

Ticket Rewards, a business-to-business solutions provider specializing in customer and employee incentives and loyalty, announced the launch of a new brand and website.

Ticket Rewards provides a variety of products and services including the Live Event Card, the only experiential incentive card on the market. They work with small, medium and large businesses to help influence and reward customer and employee behavior, leveraging the best brands in live entertainment.

“We enjoy working with consumer brands and retailers, helping them find new and creative ways to engage with customers and employees," says Chris Pilkington, Director of Marketing at Ticket Rewards. "We help clients leverage the excitement of live entertainment to influence a wide range of audiences."

Ticket Rewards flagship product, the Live Event Card hosts a variety of benefits including:

  • Thousands of live events in 65+ major markets

  • Theater, concerts, sports, movies, theme parks and more

  • Receive $25, $50 or $100 towards tickets

The company provides turn key programs, from concept and design to integration and delivery. They help businesses acquire new customers, improve employee engagement and increase customer loyalty by rewarding desired behavior with memorable experiences.


Ticket Rewards connects businesses with the largest brands in live entertainment in a quick, effective manner to engage consumers and strengthen brand loyalty. Since 2013, the company has helped businesses both large and small create unique and memorable experiences for customers and employees.

For more information or to request a free kit, please click here.

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