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"The Lion King" Roars Onstage

"There is simply nothing else like it." The New York Times aptly sums up The Lion King, the Broadway musical sensation that's been smashing records since its debut.

Winner of six Tony Awards®, including Best Musical, The Lion King premiered in 1997, following the Disney animated film of the same name, and revolutionized Broadway theatre in the process. Over 20 years, six continents, and 100 million audience members later, this lion still roars, with no sign of stopping!

As the sun rises on the savannah, Rafiki calls all the animals to Pride Rock. She greets King Mufasa and his queen before presenting their newborn cub to the gathered audience of animals. Elsewhere, Scar, laments his lost chance at becoming the new King. Back in her baobab tree, Rafiki paints an image of the cub and asks the spirits to conjure the new prince's name: Simba.

It's a story we're all familiar with (set to the beloved songs of Elton John and Tim Rice), but the stage production of The Lion King breathes new life into the experience. More music, more characters, and more costumes, make The Lion King a modern musical institution.

If you and your family are new to musical theatre, there is no better place to start. If you're already a Lion King fan, there's no better way to fall in love again!

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