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Sebastian Maniscalco: The Biggest Name in Comedy You've Never Heard Of

Earlier this year, Forbes magazine published a list of the ten highest-earning stand-up comedians in 2019. Most of the top acts won't surprise you: TV staples like Jerry Seinfeld and Trevor Noah, along with household names like the number one highest earner, Kevin Hart.

But rounding out the top five is Sebastian Maniscalco, earning a whopping $26 million dollars during the window of time measured.

Soon after, headlines began popping up all over the net: Who, exactly, is Sebastian Maniscalco? Set to host the MTV Video Music Awards, and billed as a featured actor in several Hollywood films like Green Book and Martin Scorsese's upcoming The Irishman, many were perplexed that such a successful name in comedy could fly under the radar.

The answer, it seems, is simple, and centered around Maniscalco's dedicated work ethic: a consistent schedule of touring, performing, and using evergreen material, without the need for flashy TV appearances or clickbait-friendly gimmicks.

As described in The New York Times, "he built his huge fan base gradually and under the pop-culture radar — not through a splashy movie vehicle or a television breakout, but via a hustling touring schedule and two decades of nightly performances."

Audiences around the country are taking note, due in no small part to his recent gigs hosting the VMAs and onscreen in Hollywood blockbusters.

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