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  • Brit Young

How to Engage Customers and Employees

Those in eCommerce marketing know that modern consumers — especially those within the much-coveted millennial demographic — increasingly prefer experiences over material possessions. In a study conducted by the Center for Generational Kinetics, in partnership with online travel technology leader Expedia, 74% of Americans surveyed responded as favoring experiences, signaling a clear shift in priorities among all age demographics.

But what else can this tell marketers? One of the more insightful discoveries comes in the form of data revealing that 57% of Americans across all demographics are currently saving money with an experience specifically in mind (in Expedia’s case, travel). This is useful information for brands looking to reward existing customers and employees in a unique way, as well as looking to acquire new ones.

The idea is simple: helping consumers reach their existing goals of achieving memorable experiences may accomplish far more than your average material reward ever could. If your brand can reward customers and employees with something already relevant to them and their interests, the returns will be far greater (and at a much more efficient cost, to boot). The end result is a positive association with your or your partners’ brands, grown organically through shared interest.

Ticket Rewards works with all types of businesses, helping them reward customers and employees with memorable experiences. The Live Event Card is a versatile marketing tool, where you can offer $25 or $50 towards tickets to see thousands of live events including theater, concerts, sports, movies, theme parks and more for only a fraction of the cost.

For more information about the Ticket Rewards, please visit our About Us page.

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