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Bald, Blue, and in a City Near You: Blue Man Group on Tour

Beloved cultural icon Blue Man Group is going on tour in 2020, bringing with them all the creativity and discovery gained after decades of entertainment experience! More than 50 cities in North America will see the Speechless tour in its first-ever season.

“By building on the original DNA of Blue Man Group, Speechless will forge a path for future generations of the Blue Man tribe to explore,” said Diane Quinn, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group’s Chief Creative Officer.

“To further challenge themes of invention, curiosity and human connection, we are excited to work with our new director, Jenny Koons, whose expertise in dissolving spatial boundaries and diverse background in theater and activism, set the stage for us to deliver a transformative Blue Man Group experience.”

Speechless promises both new and classic Blue Man Group content from residencies in New York, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando, and even Berlin — now brought to fans’ front doors across the United States and Canada.

For first-time viewers unable to see the show in these domestic residencies, Speechless offers the unique opportunity to experience Blue Man Group’s signature brand of music, art, and sensory stimulation.

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